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Welcome to the service for entry and exit declarations (AREX)

The AREX service for entry and exit declarations is used for the purpose of submitting declarations for goods entering or leaving the Union through Finland. In addition, this service is used for submitting declarations for third country goods that have been in temporary storage and are to be reloaded (so-called transhipment goods). Via the online AREX service you may submit

-         entry summary declarations

-         summary declarations for temporary storage of goods

-         arrival notifications

-         arrival notifications for presentation

-         diversion requests

-         exit summary declarations

-         exit manifest presentations

-         exit notifications

-         arrival notifications for temporary storage

-         unloading reports of temporary storage


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Submitting declarations without electronic identification


You may submit entry summary declarations or exit summary declarations for goods carried by road without any electronic identification. Other declarations can only be submitted using Create a declaration by clicking the “Create an entry summary declaration” button or the “Create an exit summary declaration” button.
After your have successfully submitted the declaration to Customs, the movement will be allocated an MRN. This MRN must be provided to a customs officer when arriving in the country. The MRN can be printed out in the form of a barcode when submitting the declaration. It is not possible to print out the MRN at a later stage.

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Submitting declarations using

The identified user logs in to the Customs service using identification and mandate from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Identified users can follow the progress of the processing of the declarations at Customs. Users can also save declarations as drafts if the processing is interrupted for some reason. Older declarations can be used as templates for new entry summary declarations. Identified users log in to the service by clicking “Log in using identification” at the top of this page.

>> Read more on identification and granting mandates

>> Instructions on how to use the service


>> Privacy statement


>> Web-accessibility


Certain declarations require that the goods description be given with sufficient accuracy. The description is to be given either by entering the commodity code with an accuracy of at least four digits to indicate the goods heading or by providing a goods description of the corresponding heading level. The European Commission has published instructions on the correct way to submit the goods description (TAXUD/1402/2007).
Submitting web declarations is made easier if the declarant has found out in advance the appropriate goods description and heading for the goods, for example by using the TARIC database of the EU. The commodity codes can also be found in the Combined Nomenclature (CN) on the Finnish Customs website.


>> TARIC database
>> Combined Nomenclature

System info

Changes to granting authorisations to representatives in entry and exit declarations (AREX) from 21 November 2020

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Read whole info identification and authorisations were implemented in the arrival and exit declaration service (AREX) on 6 June 2020

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