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With this online service for export declaration, you can submit export declarations to Customs by choosing Declaration in the top menu.


You can submit a declaration as an unregistered user, in which case you will receive a declaration-specific reference number. The reference number allows the customs office to retrieve the declared data when a customer arrives to collect accompanying document and the decision on release.


A registered user can view and print out the Export Accompanying Document (EAD) and the decision on release, save a declaration as a draft and choose a previous declaration as a template for a new one. You log in to the service with the so-called Katso ID.


Private persons can identify themselves with a certificate card, their online bank IDs or using a mobile phone with a SIM card that has a mobile certificate. A Finnish personal ID number is required.


To speed up the declaration process, please establish the commodity code in advance from Customs or, for instance, from the EU's online tariff database Taric (textual search) or Taric Table of Contents.


Customs' online services are supported by the following browsers and their versions:


  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  • Firefox 38 (ESR)
  • Google Chrome 48


We recommend that you use these browser versions for optimal functionality on our websites.


Under “Language” on the page "Data on the item to be cleared”, you can choose if you want the decisions in Finnish or Swedish. We do not provide decisions in English. We apologise that the extension and condition codes on the page “Goods item data” are only displayed in Finnish or Swedish.


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eIDAS identification of a foreign citizen is not yet possible in the Export Declaration Service

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business customers +358 295 5207
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