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CodeStart dateEnd dateDescription
25001.1.1995Annex I "Combined Nomenclature", Part Three, Section II (pharmaceutical products), Tariff Annexes 3 to 6 – R 2022/1998 (OJ L 282)
25509.11.2001Imported by land, inland waterway or sea or imported by air.
25515.3.2010Imported by sea and arriving via the Atlantic Ocean or the Suez canal with the port of unloading on the Mediterranean Sea or on the Black Sea
25529.11.2001Imported by sea and arriving via the Atlantic Ocean with the port of unloading in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Finland or on the Atlantic Coast of the Iberian Peninsula
30001.1.1972If "razor blade steel" i.e. flat-rolled products of stainless steel not over 0,25 mm in thickness and not over 23 mm in width, containing by weight not over 14,7 percent of chromium, and certified at the time of entry to be used in the manufacture of razor blades: No LQEX.
30011.1.1972If "carbon/alloy band saw steel" defined as follows:
(a) "metal cutting band saw steel" referring to steel flat-rolled products, not less than 0,61 mm and not more than 0,91 mm in thickness, not less than 6,30 mm and not more than 50,80 mm in width, in coils, containing:
- carbon: not less than 1,18 % and not more than 1,32 %;
- chromium: not less than 0,15 % and not more than 0,32 %;
- manganese: not less than 0,10 % and not more than 0,40 %;
certified by the importer of record or the ultimate consignee for use in the manufacture of metal-cutting band saw blades;or
(b) "wood band saw steel" referring to
(1) alloy steel flat-rolled products less than 4,75 mm in thickness which contains, in addition to iron, each of the following elements by weight in the amount specified:
- carbon: not less than 0,70 % nor more than 0,81 %;
- manganese: not less than 0,30 % nor more than 0,55 %;
- silicon: not less than 0,20 % nor more than 0,35 %;
- nickel: not less than 1,60 % nor more than 2,70 %;
- chronium: none, or not more than 0,50 %;
- phosphorus: none, or not more than 0,03 %;and
- sulfur: none, or not more than 0,15 %,
(continuation of text in additional code n° 3068)
30021.1.1972If covered with textile or other non-metallic material: No LQEX.
30031.1.1972If cut, pressed or stamped to non-rectangular shape: No LQEX.
30041.1.1972If corrugated or subjected to surface treatments: LQEX.
30051.1.1972If corrugated fasteners, glaziers' points, hook nails, or ring nails: No LQEX.
30061.1.1972If other than galvanized wire fencing wholly of round iron or steel wire measuring not over 5,08 mm and not under 1,905 mm in diameter, whether or not such wire is covered with plastics: No LQEX.
30071.1.1972If fence or sign posts: No LQEX.
30081.1.1972If current-conducting rail: No LQEX.
30091.1.1972If twisted hoop or single flat wire, whether or not barbed: No LQEX.